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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Flying into Panama City then on to Mexico City!

This is the last we saw of Sister Holdaway



My flights went well.  I made it to the gates and everything on time.  You know how much that stresses me out.  But I had to go through immigration which was pretty scary.  I went to this booth with these three guys in it and handed them my passport and my entry/exit form.  It took them forever to scan the passport and I was freaking out.  And the guys were all like, "You have beautiful eyes," and I was like LOL sorry I´m a missionary except I didn't say that because EU NO FALA PORTUGUESE.  So finally my passport got scanned and then they were talking to themselves and one of the guys took my passport and form away and I was like well great, here it starts.  He came back like five minutes later (but it felt like 5 hours) and I pulled out that form we got from the Federal Police that said I had paid the fine and then he took that and went away again.  And then he came back again and was like, "Do you have another form?"  And I was like, "..............yeah......." so I gave him the deportation form, and he left AGAIN.  But then he came back with my passport and the form saying I had paid the fine and he said everything was all set.  So hopefully that nightmare is over and done with.

I had the aisle seat on the plane.  I hate aisle seats cause I can never comfortably sleep.  So I kept waking up every 20 minutes, but it was good to get some sleep after only getting an hour last night.

When I got to Mexico there was apparently some huge popular rock band that was arriving at the same time.  When I went through the doors after going through customs there was this huge screaming crowd of a bunch of people wearing red reindeer noses and I was like uh...okay.  So I tried finding my way around and I was stressed out and all "I'M NEVER GONNA FIND THE MTC PEOPLE WAH."  But I found them so party, party.

And then I got on this yellow bus with a bunch of other missionaries and we drove to the MTC!  From what I've seen of it so far, Mexico looks a lot like Sao Paulo.  There was a huge favella-type thing that stretched on for miles.  It was bigger than anything I've seen in Sao Paulo.  But the favellas (idk if I'm even spelling that right) are grey concrete here instead of the reddish color they are in Brazil.  But yeah.

The MTC campus is beautiful.  I love it.  I've only been in one building so far because I literally just got here, but I'll try and figure out how to attach pictures and stuff.

I haven{t met my companion yet or anything but I'm gonna walk over to my apartment afterwards and maybe she'll be there!  And then it's dinner time HOLLA.  Portion control, Emma, remember portion control.  But if they have guacamole then I'm eating five pounds of it.  If they don't have guacamole then I'm coming home.

This keyboard is all weird.  The symbols are in these weird places and it's messing with my brain.

But yeah!  Here I am!  I'll let you guys know when my p-day is and everything like that when I found out.


Hermana Holdaway

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