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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week #55--Christmas time....... and pictures!

It's almost Christmas!  But it's weird because it doesn't feel like Christmas at all down here.  We went to the grocery store today and it was all normal and calm, and I was just thinking to myself, "If this was a grocery store in the United States, it would be packed right now and there would be Christmas music and there would be snow outside and it would be wonderful."  I miss the hustle and bustle of an American Christmas.  But Honduras is cool too.
I have a lot of updates for you guys....

I had transfers!

I left Mezapa and am now in the lovely neighborhood of Porvenir.  And I'm a sister training leader!  For those of you who don't know, a sister training leader is someone who goes on divisions with the other hermanas in the mission and we participate in missionary leadership councils and stuff like that.  It's fun.  I'll get to see President Klein a lot more now!  I'm excited.  I love President Klein.  He's the best.

But anyway, my companion's name is Hermana Alfaro.  She's from Costa Rica!  She's super pretty and looks like Ariana Grande, haha.  She has one more transfer than I do in her mission, so she's going home in March.  But she's great!  I've only been with her a little more than a week, but I've already learned a lot from her.
We've had a busy week!  Last Saturday, we had a Christmas multizone conference!  Hermana Alfaro and I had to prepare an hour long presentation about the importance of developing Christlike attributes.  It went really well!  And we got to listen to President and Hermana Klein, which is always the best.  And we got ice cream sandwiches.  Merry Christmas to us!!!!
Last week I got to go back and visit Ceiba as well!  We had a P-Day with President Klein.  All of the zone and sister training leaders went to hike Pico Bonito.  And then we had pizza for lunch.  And I was able to go visit Hermana Doris for a little bit!  I cried.  I love Hermana Doris.  And then some missionaries threw up on the car ride home and it was an adventure!
Thursday I did my first divisions as a sister training leader.  I worked with Hermana Mazariegos, from Guatemala.  She's amazing!  We had a great day and ate lots of chips and cookies, haha.  She's had a difficult time in her mission so far, but she's positive and keeps marching on.  I admire her a lot.  And especially because she just had surgery on Saturday night.  She'll be in recovery for three weeks, but she's doing well.  Keep her in your prayers!
And a dog peed on me this week.  I think this makes it number 3240392840945723908.  I swear, all the animals in Honduras love peeing and pooping on me.  I don't get it.  But we were casually standing outside the gate, waiting for this guy to come out of his house, and this cute little dog comes up and is all calm and stuff, and then out of nowhere, it lifts it's leg up and pees on me.  LIKE UM, NOT OKAY.  Freaking, Honduras.
And these computers don't have viruses so I'm gonna send you guys some pictures!  Finally!
Hermana Holdaway.

 Hermana Alfaro and me!

All dolled up for the Christmas multizone conference, whudduppp

  Remember how I'm always freaking out about having grey hair??  Well, here's proof in case you guys didn't believe me.  My companion took this picture while I was praying. .......sinner

We threw a suprise birthday party for one of the hermanas here in Porvenir.  And we successfully made cake in the microwave.  I think that qualifies me for an Oscar or something cause, wow.

 Hermana Alfaro straightened my hair!  Whoohooo!!  My hair is long and it is also kind of red, but whatever. 

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