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Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 5!!

Mexico Scripture Bags

Final Pictures of the Sisters in Emma's District

Emma with her Companion

Hello, everyone!

Well here I am done with week 5!  Only 73 more to go.  I'm making progress!

This week was a lot easier than last week.  In my last email I told you guys about how the elders in my district were picking on me and making fun of me and stuff like that.  Anyway, I kind of just broke down one day last week.  Like I just started crying in class and stuff and it wasn't good.  So my teacher, Hermana Montoya (who is one of the best people in the world), took me out of class to ask me what was wrong.  So I just broke down and told her everything and she gave me a hug and she's this cute little Mexican and I love her.  Anyway, then I came back to class and blah, blah, blah.  Then class ended and I was walking to lunch and one of the hermanas in my district was like, "Elder Welch stood up for you today."  And I was like, "What do you mean?"  And apparently when I left the room, he stood up and told the elders to stop giving me a hard time.  I'm so grateful that he did.  He stood up for me when I was too scared to stand up for myself.  And after that some of the elders came and apologized.  Elder Welch is the best though.  He's definitely one of my best friends and I'm so happy that I was able to meet him.

I only have five more days left in the CCM!  It's crazy how quickly these weeks have flown by.  If my whole mission goes by this quickly, I'll be home in no time!  I found out that I'm leaving the CCM at 5 am Tuesday morning to be at the airport for my 10:30 flight.  I'm going to Honduras!  I'm a little nervous.  Actually I'm a lot nervous.  But it will be okay.  I'm mainly worried for the Spanish.  I'm pretty confident with my Spanish and I can communicate basically anything that I want to say, but when I get out to Honduras, it's going to be completely different.  I'm going to have to learn a completely new dialect and everyone is going to be speaking really, really fast, and AHHHH.  It will be okay.  And one of the other hermanas going to Honduras told me that we're probably going to have native companions most of the time because it's not safe for two white girls to go walking around Honduras together.  I hope my companion likes me!  It will be weird to live with a Latino.  But hopefully I'll adjust quickly.  I'm taking advantage of possibly my last week with running water and washing machines and stuff like that.  Because who knows what life's gonna be like in Honduras!

Super funny thing happened this week.  I don't know how many of you guys know this, but I kind of dated this guy named Colton for a month at the beginning of fall semester last year.  Anyway, when he met me he was still dating this girl named Kayci, but then he broke up with her to date me.  ANYWAY, long story short, Kayci (or Sister Monsen) is here at the CCM.  And she's in my branch.  My branch got a new district this week, so my district and I went to their classroom to meet them a couple of nights ago.  And as soon as we walked in, I saw her and I was like OH NO THIS IS NOT GOOD.  We've never actually met in person, but I knew it was her because obviously I've Facebook stalked her.  Anyway, I was freaking out because I was like, "She's gonna hate me.  She already hates me.  AHHHH."  And I knew that she knew who I was because as soon as she saw me she leaned over to her companion and whispered to her and kept looking at me and stuff.  Anywayyyyyyyyyyy, it's actually all okay.  We talked the other night and I was like, "Yeah, you dated Colton and I dated Colton and I was worried that you were gonna hate me."  And she was like, "Never!  Colton's a huge jerk!"  And I was like, "I know!"  So then we took a picture together and we emailed it to Colton.  Small world!

I also had to teach language class to another district this week.  One of my teachers, Hermano Osorio, was like, "Hermana Holdaway!  Tomorrow you're teaching Spanish to a different district!"  And I was like UGH WHY ME.  But it was actually really fun!  So I just taught them about ser and stuff for an hour.  And it was great!  I love teaching.

I also bought some Mexican scripture cases from the store at the temple today!  I'll attach a picture of them.  I'm basically Latino now.  Except not really.  Like not at all.  I'm pretty white.  YO SOY UN GRINGO.

I love you all lots and lots!  The church is true, The Book of Mormon is true, Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God, and Jesus Christ lives and loves each of us so much more than we can ever imagine.

God be with you always.


Hermana Holdaway

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