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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week #11 - And then I found 100 lempiras

Cute Emma
Emma's Mission Style

Emma and a Machete--NOT a good idea!

"My best friends" in Olanchito

Hermana Munoz

Elder Reyes chopping the coconut!

Emma's Shower!!

"Our favorite treat, coconuts!"

Buenas tardes mis gipers!

Hermana Holdaway here, reporting live and grey-hair free from the wonderful city of La Ceiba!  All the missionaries from Olanchito are staying in La Ceiba for the next couple days because we have a big mission conference tomorrow with a general authority.  They're pretty much probably just going to tell us that we all suck as missionaries cause the numbers of baptisms have gone way down over the past couple of months.  Yikes.  We'll see what happens.  But they're giving us free lunch so it's all worth it.

Honduras is hot.  I've died this past week.  And everyone is like, "Oh, this isn't even bad, just wait until March."  So here I am waiting until March.  But I'm a little confused because Hermana Muñoz wears winter boots all the time.  We were getting ready to leave one day and I look down and she's wearing Uggs.  And I was like, "What."  And she's worn them more than once.  Spoiler alert, we're in Honduras, and spoiler alert it's really hot here.  And I'm just still really confused about it and thinking about it makes me ask all of these deep soul searching questions LIKE I WOULD LITERALLY RATHER DO LINEAR ALGEBRA THAN TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHY SHE'S WEARING UGGS AND I HATE LINEAR ALGEBRA LIKE I JUST REALLY DON'T UNDERSTAND.  We're in Honduras.  There's no such thing as snow here.  IT'S HOT.  CALIENTE.  CALOR.  But anyway, now that I got that off my shoulders...

Everyone this week has thought I'm a stupid gringo who doesn't understand Spanish.  We had one investigator point to a dog and say, "Hermana Holdaway, PERRO.  PERRO.  ESTE ES UN PERRO."  And I was like, "En serio.  Este es un perro?!  Yo no sabia este.  MUCHAS GRACIAS AHORA YO ENTIENDO LA VIDA."  This woman thought I didn't know what a dog was.  And everyone has just talked really slowly and loudly at me LIKE HELLO I'VE BEEN HERE FOR BASICALLY THREE MONTHS I CAN UNDERSTAND YOU.  And I'll be like, "Yo hablo español," and they'll still be like, "Hermana Holdaway, entiende?"  And k, so this didn't end up being very funny cause it's hard to describe, I guess you just had to be there....

And then I found 100 lempiras.

^^^^^^This is funny because 100 lempiras is only $5 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH so funny.  But I say this at the end of my stories when my stories suck so I basically say this at the end of all of my stories.^^^^^^^

Yesterday was Hermana Muñoz's birthday!  In Honduras people smash eggs on your head and throw flour at you when it's your birthday because they think that that's a fun and exciting thing to do.  So that's what we did with Hermana Muñoz.  And smashing eggs on people's heads actually is a fun and exciting thing to do.  So then we had this huge water fight and oops we were some soaking wet missionaries.  I don't have pictures, but one of the members took some pictures on his camera and he's gonna email them to me so when I get them, I'll email them to you.  COMING TO AN EMAIL NEAR YOU.  No, Emma, stop.  And then I found 100 lempiras.

But it was super fun.  And we also got together as a district to eat dinner together for Hermana Muñoz´s birthday Friday night.  An Elder in our district from Guatemala made some Guatemalan food for us.  And by Guatemalan food I mean we ate hot dogs with guacamole and lettuce and mustard and mayo and ketchup and I was just really confused, but apparently that's what the Chapins eat so que ya vaya bien.

When I get back from my mission I'll make some Honduran food for ya'll.  And by Honduran food I mean baleadas.  Which is basically a burrito but more gross.  It's just a thick, flour tortilla with some mashed up beans, some scrambeled eggs, some hot dog, and some cheese.  #honduras.  But I learned how to make pan de pan!  And it's actually pretty good.  It's just basically soggy bread, but once you get over that fact, it's actually quite delicious.  I'm getting fat I think.  But I don't care so it's all good.

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.  For Valentine's Day our branch had a party.  And Hermana Odekrik and I sang "My Heart Will Go On" in English for the entertainment.  It was super funny cause the lady introduced us and was like, "And now the missionaries are going to sing us a hymn," and we're like, "Lol, it's not a hymn."  And then I found 100 lempiras.

You guys should look up the song "Vivir la Vida" by Marc Anthony cause Latin music>>>

Mmmmhmmmm, so sorry for the boring email.  This week was actually pretty hilarious but I guess you had to be here for it to be funny.  And you guys probably don't want to come to Honduras cause like.......it's Honduras.  So you'll just have to trust me that my life is funny.

My life is funny.

Con amor,

Hermana Holdaway

PS: I ate a peanut butter jelly sandwich the other day.  And it probably made me the most baggy that I've been my entire mission.  #america

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