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Monday, March 17, 2014

Week #15--Pi Day

Zone Conference Selfie


Best Mission Friends

My life every day at 6:00 am

 My papaya that brings all the boys to my yard


But what's really sad is that I'm a math major and I almost forgot about Pi Day and that would have been the worst day of my life.  Hermana Muñoz went to our last lesson of the day, and one of our investigators was finishing up her math homework.  And I was like "BUT OMG I LOVE MATH" so I helped her finish her math homework and then I was like "BUT WAIT TODAY IS PI DAY."  And I got excited, like really excited, like my investigators were probably like "Who is this crazy gringo" but it's okay because it's all worth it.  And then I was trying to explain what a cute math major I am because I always make pie on Pi Day, and Hermana Muñoz was like, "Why."  And I was like, "CAUSE PIE AND PI."  And she was like, "But in Spanish it's prounced pee," and I was like, "Spanish is dumb."  And then I didn't eat pie because people don't eat pie here in Honduras, and that's how I celebrated my Pi Day.

But can we all just get really excited about how amazing Pi Day is going to be next year cause 3.14.15.  Like stop, it's going to be the most perfect Pi Day in history but I'm going to be here in Honduras so what can we do.  Send me pie in the mail please and thank you.

Also thank you to all the people who sent me emails wishing me a happy Pi Day.  You all made my heart happy.

Hermana Muñoz and I have had a goal to challenge all of our investigators to be baptized.  Sometimes it's scary to throw that question around.  Sometimes I feel like it's like saying "I love you" too quickly in a relationship.  Ya feel me?  I don't really know how to explain it, but sometimes as missionaries, we get nervous to challenge our investigators to be baptized.  But Hermana Muñoz and I have been doing a lot better!  And we've already been seeing miracles.  For example, we're going to have our first baptism this month on March 29th!  We're going to baptize one of our young investigators named Alex.  Alex is 11 years old and is one of the sweetest young boys ever.  He has such a desire to grow and learn about the gospel, and he told us, "Hermanas!  I've prayed and know that this is the truth.  I want to be baptized!"  Put it in your calendars everyone.  Alex is gettng baptized.  SI HOMBRE.

Today the missionaries in my district and I went to Pacura again.  For those of you who don't remember Pacura, it's a mountain here in Olanchito.  The last time we hiked this mountain, it took us seven hours to reach the top, I slipped in a river and jammed my finger (which still hasn't healed all the way), and I fell down and basically died.  But I guess I didn't learn my lesson the last time and decided to return to Pacura again today.  But it wasn't bad this time.  We didn't get lost and stuff and I didn't fall down so life is all fine and dandy.  

One of our investigators has a little sister that literally bursts into tears everytime she sees me.  I think she thinks I'm going to eat her or something.  But like why does she cry?  I'm not scary...I'm really pretty soooo.......


Cough, but really.

Anyway, Hermana Muñoz and I are waking up at 5:50 every day to exercise.  Gonna get hot and skinny, obvi.  Our neighbor is a member of the church, and so we go over to her house every morning to work out with her.  She has a work out video that's led by this really big black man that is just a little too energetic for me (see attached photo).  Especially for me at 6:00 AM.  Emma at 6:00 AM wants to be in her bed sleeping.  Emma at 6:00 does not want to be yelled at by a big, muscular black man: "YOU GUYS ARE DOING GREAT.  BURN THAT FAT.  ONE MORE TIME.  AMP IT UP!"


No I will not amp it up.

I have learned lots of things while I've been out here on my mission, but I have most importantly come to the conclusion that if you are in a workout video, I probably hate you .  You are not normal.  You should not be smiling and happy while working out.  Stop working out your bodies and go work out your priorities.

In other news, one of our investigators got robbed the other night.  And by robbed I mean that someone stole all of the clothes that were hanging up and drying on the clothes line.  They also stole the laundry soap.  So that's the gossip over here in Olanchito: QUICK LOCK UP YOUR CLOTHES AND YOUR LAUNDRY SOAP BECAUSE THE THEIVES ARE COMING.  But really though.  Sometimes I don't understand this country: if you're going to steal clean clothes, why bother taking the laundry soap as well?  Silly Honduras.

With love, and eating all the baleadas as always,

Hermana Holdaway


1.  My papaya that brings all the boys to my yard.
2.  We had a zone conference so I actually got ready and mirror pictures because we should always live life up to our fullest potential.
3.  Pacuraaaaaaaaaaaaaa.
4.  My friends.   :)  Remember how my mission prep teacher at BYU told me that I was going to meet some of my best friends on my mission?  Yup.  The truth.  And they're all Latinos!  I'm so cultural, like wow.
5.  My life every day at 6:00 AM.

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