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Friday, July 25, 2014

Week #19--Bird poop, soccer goals and transfers

"When our time in mortality is complete, what experiences will we be able to share about our own contribution to this significant period of our lives and to the furthering of the Lord’s work? Will we be able to say that we rolled up our sleeves and labored with all our heart, might, mind, and strength? Or will we have to admit that our role was mostly that of an observer?"


Hola chanchos.

I'm scared.  This week is transfer week.  And I don't know if I'm leaving Olanchito or not.  I'll find out later today.  But I'm so nervous!  I don't want to leave.  But I've been here for three transfers, and two with Hermana Muñoz, so there's pretty much a 90% that I'm getting kicked out of town.  But we'll wait and see.

But noooooo, it will be so hard to leave.  Olanchito was my first area, and I've grown to love the people here so much.  They're my family.  Part of my heart will always be here.  Olanchito has made me the missionary that I am today.  

Lol, I'm really dramatic cause I don't know if I'm leaving for sure yet but this whole week I've been like "WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ME VOY."  But I'm leaving.  Probably.  AHHHHHHH I just wanna know.  Changes are stressful.

I'll also be sad to leave my little Columbian chub, Hermana Muñoz.  She's amazing.  One of my best friends.  Crazy to think that I've been living with this little Latina 24/7 for the past three months.  Like what.  It doesn't feel like it's been three months at all.  WHY IS THE TIME GOING BY SO FAST.  MAKE IT STOP.

I'm really lazy this week and basically don't want to be writing this email so sorry if it's not as eloquent or as interesting or as funny as usual.  Being a missionary is hard sometimes and right now I kinda just wanna go lay on my bed, eat some mango, and read The Book of Mormon.  I'm just really spiritual and stuff.

Hermana Muñoz didn't like chocolate before she was my companion but now she likes chocolate.  Her life indeed has been changed for the better because of knowing me.  

This week a bird pooped on my skirt during a lesson.  I also scored three goals while playing soccer with a bunch of latinos.  Brb joining the Olympics.

Honduran grandmas are the funniest people ever.  

This week it rained really hard and Hermana Muñoz was like "AHHHH NO LIGHTNING IS GOING TO COME INTO THE HOUSE AND KILL US."  And I'm just like, "CALM DOWN, COLUMBIAN."  We're both really dramatic people.  So when one of us is all dramatic the other one needs to try and be calm and stuff cause if we're both worked up or emotional then it's just not good.  

I don't wanna write more cause I'm lazy.

Que le vaya bien,

Hermana Holdaway/Jackie (we have this one investigator that calls me Jackie because who knows why.  But she's always like, "JACKIE AJSDÑFKALSJEFKÑLASEJF."  So there's that.)

LOL HAHAHAHA.  Hermana Muñoz was reading my computer monitor and she got to the part where I was like "AÑSDLKFJASDKLJF" and she was like "Pues, yo no conozco esta idioma."  Ella es super comica, jajajaja.

Me da flojera escribir más.  Para siempre Dios esté con vos.

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