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Friday, July 25, 2014

Week #27--A week of mangos, ocean breezes, and really rude people.

Hello, everyone!

I hope you've all had a wonderful week in Brazil (family), Europe (Amy), Korea (Lisa), and the fifty nifty United States (all the rest of you tipos).  I've had a wonderful week over here in Honduras, like always.  And this is what went down:

A week of mangos: In the words of the lovely Hermana Odekirk, "Everyone and their dog gave us mangos this week."  And it's the truth.  Literally everyone gave us mangos.  Because this country is crawling in mango trees.  Okay, I don't know if crawling is the right word because trees can't crawl, but honestly, mango trees are to Honduras what McDonald's is to the United States.  There's literally one (or more) on every corner.      

And to prove it I've eaten over 25 mangos this week.

But don't freak out guys because mangos don't make you fat.  So it's all okay.

A week of ocean breezes: I love being close to the ocean.  It's a good stress reliever.  Because La Ceiba is a difficult area.  It's super different from Olanchito.  In Olanchito, I spent all day every day teaching lessons.  Our appointments hardly ever fell through, and even when they did, we could knock on any old door and they would let us in.  Literally everyone in Olanchito would listen to us.  And then I came here to La Ceiba.  Where all of our appointments basically always fall through and I spend all day every day getting doors slammed in my face.  I went from an area where I could easily have 8 to 10 lessons daily to an area where it's a miracle to even have 3 or 4.  Needless to say, it's been an adjustment.  I'm still trying to find my groove here.  I miss Olanchito a lot, but I know that I needed to come to La Ceiba to learn and grow more.  But the ocean helps a lot.  I like the ocean.

A week of really rude people: This week we've been knocking on lots of doors trying to find new investigators.  Early this week we found an amazing family of 10+ people!  We were so happy when we found them, and our first lesson with them was amazing: we gave them a Book of Mormon, answered their questions, and set a return appointment for a few days later.

Our next lesson with them was just as great!  Until their grumpy old grandma came outside and started yelling that she had power and authority over everyone and that no one would be attending church with us this Sunday.  And then she said, "Go visit my next door neighbor.  She doesn't want to accept the truth, so maybe she'll listen to the lie that you guys teach."

First of all, abuela, it's not a lie, it's the truth.  And second of all, más respeto, por favor.

And then she was all, "Que Dios las bendiga, and have some mangos on your way out!"  And we're like, "Hypocrite."  But we just smile and wave cause we're just sweet, innocent missionaries and we probably shouldn't freak out at the people and stuff even if we really want to.

Sunday we were contacting because all of our appointments fell through (like always) and we were super tired and disanimated because nobody wanted to let us in.  But then we knocked on a door and the lady was like, "Pasen!"  And we were like, "FINALLY."  So we went in and we started small talking with this grandma who only had one leg and we were asking her about her life and stuff before we started the lesson.  But this freaking woman in the other room was like, "You guys came here to preach the gospel, not to poke your noses into everyone's lives.  Stop asking questions, do what you came here to do, and get out."

I'll see you in the day of judgment, mujer.

Just kidding because charity is a thing and I'm working on developing it.

I love you all.  Remember that you can do hard things.


La Gringa



Axa!  The cutest little girl ever

The ocean!

  My three countries.  Si hombeeeee.

 Casually being shot at but that's okay because that's normal here in Honduras so like whatever.


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