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Friday, July 25, 2014

Week #21--6 months...1/3...33%

Zona Olanchito!  The last Zone conference before transfers

The Three Amigos!

Hermana Odekirk got transfered so she's not in my zone anymore wahhh.  Transfers are hard.

My best friend.  I miss Muñoz wahhhhhh.  :(

 My new companion, Hermana Urresta, and I prestando servicio cause we're super considerate and loving.

Hey, pícaros.

Casually freaking out in this janky internet cafe because as of Wednesday I will have been on my mission for six months.  Which means that I have taken a bucket shower and eaten beans and rice every day for approximately 150 days.  That's a lot of bucket showers.  And a lot of beans and rice.  Like...what.

This week was super hot.  Like super, super hot.  Like all I want to do is go and sleep forever in a pool of ice water.  But I can't cause I have to go out and preach the gospel.  But I love preaching the gospel so it's okay. 

Hermana Urresta and I worked hard this week.  We taught 42 lessons, found 20 new investigators, and have 6 investigators with a set baptismal date!  This was one of the most tiring weeks of my life, but I loved it!  It's always better to go the extra mile, always better to teach one more lesson or talk with one more person, and always better to come home just a little bit more tired.  Hermana Urresta told me, "You only have 18 months to be on your mission, but you have the rest of your life to talk about it."  

My mission really is the best thing that's ever happened to me.  I know that I'm going to remember and talk about my wonderful 18 months here in Honduras for the rest of my life.  But while I'm here under the blazing tropical sun and spending my days walking up and down the dirt roads of Olanchito trying not to get kidnapped or robbed, I'm going to do everything that I can to help the people here come unto Christ.  I don't want to go home from my mission and say, "Shoot dang.  I wished I would've worked harder."  Nope.  Not gonna happen.  I'm gonna go home and I'm going to know that I gave my all.  I'm gonna go home from my mission tired and happy.  Because in the wise words of Thomas Edison (AMERICA), "There is no substitute for hard work."  Amen, amen, y amen.

Hermana Muñoz came to Olanchito this week to go on splits with us!  It was so nice to go out and teach with her again.  It was just like old times.  I miss my little Muñoz.  

Hermana Urresta and I have a baptism coming up this Saturday!  Elisa, Alex's little sister, told us that she wants to get baptized!  I'm so happy for her.  Elisa is 8 years old, and she's one of the sweetest little girls that I've ever met.  During sacrament meeting this past Sunday she drew a picture for us that said, "Las quiero mucho.  Sé que El Libro de Mormon es verdadero."  My heart melted.

We have another baptism next Saturday too!  Her name is Sunilda.  She's honestly the craziest, funniest, most loving woman that I've ever met.  She loves to feed us, but hey, I don't complain.  And she's the one who calls me Jackie.  Who knows why.  But she's always like, "Jackie!  You have to come back after your mission and get married and live here in Olanchito."  And I'm like, "DUH.  There's nothing I want more than to live in Honduras for the rest of my life!  Of course I'm getting married here!"  I've learned that saying this makes the people happier than when I'm like, "Ew no."  So yup.  Sunilda also likes to complain about the Jevohah's Witnesses.  Hahahahaha, it's the funniest thing ever.  She was like, "One day, the Jevohah's Witnesses came to my house.  And I was like, 'No, don't come here to teach to me.  You guys are lost and don't know what you're talking about.  You're just going to confuse me more than I already am.' "  And I was like, "Ayyyyy, sí!  Ellos son super perdidos.  Mejor los Mormones."  And Saturday when we were at her house teaching a lesson this drunk guy came up to the gate, and Sunilda was like, "Usted es loco!  Es super bolo.  Vaya por allá mejor, pícaro.  Y no regrese!"  Ahhhh, sí, Sunilda makes me laugh.  One time she made me laugh so hard while I was drinking that the water came out of my nose.  So that was fun.  Sí, hombre!

Honduras is amazing.  The church is true.  And I love you all.

Keep holding on!

Love always,

Hermana Holdaway

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