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Monday, July 28, 2014

Week #34--Egyptian Plagues

Can we all just stop and freak out for a minute because Wednesday is my nine-month anniversary in the mission.

Like nine months.

Like that's half my mission.

Like what.

Today President and Hermana Klein came to Ceiba to spend P-Day with our zone!  We went to hike a mountain.  Because that's all there is to do here.  And because there are weird people in this world who actually like physical activity like climbing mountains and stuff.  But anyway, we went to see what was supposed to be this really pretty waterfall but it ended up being super small and un-exciting (is that a word?).  Like pouring water out of a cup and watching it fall would probably be more exciting than watching this waterfall, but there we were.

Zone Conference this week was the best thing ever.  As a zone, we made these three goals:

1.  Pray for your investigators specifically by name every day before you leave the house.  Also pray for your area in general.  Pray for guidance to be led to those who are prepared to accept the gospel.
2.  Challenge everyone to repent and be baptized!
3.  Talk with everyone.

Hermana Calpa and I have been working really hard this week to do these three things, and we've seen miracles!

For example, Lina finally came to church!  Lina is our golden investigator who's had a few problems getting to the chapel on Sundays.  But yesterday she finally came.  And all during church she was like, "This is great.  I'm getting baptized.  This church is so true."  Amen, Lina.

Tuesday night, as we were leaving one of our investigator's houses, a guy on a bicycle pulled up to us and was like, "Where's your guy's church?  I want to go this Sunday."  We told him where the church is and we also asked him if he was interested in listening to the lessons.  And he said yes!  (Um, he didn't actually come to church on Sunday, but we're gonna hunt him down this week, no worries.)

Hermana Calpa and I have been challenging everyone to get baptized this week.  Sometimes it's a little scary to pop the question, "Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone who holds the priesthood authority of God?"  Cause it's like, "OH NO WHAT WILL THEY THINK OF ME."  It's kind of ironic, no?  Like I'm here to help people make sacred covenants with God but asking them to do it is the scariest part of my job.  Well, that's a lie.  Avoiding the scary people in the streets and trying not to get shot and die every day is probably the scariest part of my job.  But challenging people to be baptized is a close second.

But anyway, Hermana Calpa and I conquered our fear!  And now we have five investigators with a baptismal date.  Praying that they'll all come through!  

And we also tried really hard to talk with everyone this week.  We talked to these people who were sitting outside a bar on Wednesday morning and I was like, "You guys should probably change your lives."

What?  It's the truth...

It rained so much this week.  And I love it!  Rain is the best thing ever.  Or at least I thought it was....until literally ten thousand termites came out to play after the rain stopped.  It was disgusting.  They were flying around everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  A million of them.  I was running through the streets freaking out because EW.  It was like the Egyptian plagues.  Holy crap, Honduras is full of Egyptian plagues.  Like the toads here are ridiculous and HUGE.  And one time this toad jumped on my foot and I screamed like the world was ending.  I hate toads.  And termites.  EWWWWWWWWW.  It makes me all itchy just thinking about it.

Okay, tipos.  That's all I have time for because right now Hermana Calpa and I are going to go get ready for a family home evening that we're going to have with President Klein!

I'll talk with you all next week!

Just a few parting words of wisdom from one of our investigators: "You should always eat all your dinner.  Because you never know if you're going to die in the night."

So just eat, drink, and be merry because tomorrow you might die.

Bueno.  Nos vemos muy pronto!

Con amor,

La Gringa

I only have one picture this week because the internet is really slow today and I don't have time because I'm really popular and important and have lots of other things to do!

So enjoy this picture of me and bagged chocolate milk.  Everything in Honduras is bagged.  So yeah.  Baggy.

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