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Friday, July 25, 2014

Week #24--Bronchitis Swag

Companions. :)

Hermana Urresta and me

(ps my camera sucks and doesn't like to take very good pictures, especially in the night time,

Bronchitis nubulizer aka I'm Bane from Batman

Si, hombreeeee

Bronchitis selfie

 Casually shopping in Honduras

Hello, everyone!

Sorry for not emailing last week....I was lazy and it was hot and there were a bunch of Hondurans all up in this Internet cafe and I just wasn't feeling it.  But don't worry, because here I am this week with a big, fat, juicy email for ya'll (we'll actually have to wait and see how big and fat and juicy it is because I'm kinda lazy today too, lollllllllllll).  But anyway, I'm in 24th week here in Honduras and 30th week in my mission over all.  PUCHICA, time is going by really quickly.  Only 48 more weeks to go!  I'm basically halfway done.  The glass if half empty, my friends.   (but don't drink because that's bad.  https://www.lds.org/topics/word-of-wisdom?lang=eng )

Last week I had an interview with my mission president, and he told to pack my bags at the end of the month, because I have transfers!  Which means that this is my last week here in Olanchito.  I'm not exactly sure how I feel.  I guess I feel a little bit of everything: excitment, sadness, nervousness...  I'm excited to go to a new area, meet new people, and have new experiences.  Because after six months here in Olanchito, I'm a little bored.  But I'm also sad to leave.  Because Olanchito is my home here in Honduras.  The people here will always have a big part of my heart: because I love them.  It's crazy, you know?  Crazy how much of my heart belongs to these people.  Even thinking about saying goodbye brings tears to my eyes.  But I still have one more week here!  And I'm going to make the best of it.

And I'm going to be making the best of it in the hopsital!  Again.  Because I have bronchitis.  Ever since last Monday I've had a really bad cough, on and off headaches, and a stuffy nose.  I thought it was just a normal cold, but Hermana Urresta was all like, "Vamos por el hospital!" and I'm like, "Ew, no."  But then I just kept getting worse and worse, and so I finally decided to go to the hopsital yesterday.  And after waiting there for a couple of hours, the doctor finally saw us, and she was like, "You have bronchitis."  And I was like, "Okay."  And now I have to go to the hospital twice a day for three days to do those breathing machines.  Why am I always in the hopsital here, who knows.  But I don't like it cause there are always a bunch of people crying and moaning and being all dramatic and stuff.  And yesterday this little boy threw up all over the floor, and when we left the hospital three hours later they still hadn't cleaned it up.  #honduras.

I also don't like the hospital because they weigh me and it's like, crap.  Honduras is making me fat.  But like whatever.  I don't care, LOL.  I mean, I kinda do.  I guess I should probably start doing my Tae Bo again.  

Everyone in this freaking city knows that I'm from Brazil.  And it kind of freaks me out a little bit.  Like we'll be walking down the street and these random people that I've never seen before in my life will be like, "It's the Brazilian!"  And I'm like OMG HOW.  It's probably a good thing that I'm leaving haha, cause better safe than sorry, you know.

I love you all.  And the Church is super true.


Hermana Holdaway

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